Pineapple Helped My Husband’s Gout

My husband has suffered with gout for a few months. We had both heard of this painful condition before, but neither of us had seen the effects of it up close and personal. He has told me that it is so painful that he doesn’t even want to walk at times. He has had to call off work because of it a few times too. We believe in homeopathic treatments when possible, which is how I found out about This is a website that is devoted to natural remedies for gout.

My husband did not want to take any medication or have any invasive testing done. He was more than willing to change his diet though to help reduce the gout flareups. He did have to cut some things out, which did help a small bit. It did not completely eliminate the gout or even get it to a manageable pain level though. I went online to see if anyone had any ideas, and a friend in a health forum pointed me to this website. I would have never thought pineapple would be the one thing that could help him alleviate the pain that he had to endure.

Not only is it a fast option, it is also a very safe option too. While it is not good for everyone, my husband definitely could take it for this reason. We both love fresh pineapple, but it is not something we normally get unless some is on a buffet when we go out to eat. I purchased a couple of fresh pineapples though and cut some rings myself. This was healthier than getting canned pineapple, because it is raw without preservatives this way. He eats three slices a day, and his gout is under control now. I had no idea pineapple was that helpful!