Florida Salvage Yards

Junk yards in the state of Florida is full of salvage yards with vehicles of nearly every make and model imaginable. Within the state are large salvage yards that store all sorts of vehicles, as well as smaller ones that deal in specialty vehicles, such as newer cars, or older Japanese cars, for instance. With so many different types of salvage yards, it can be pretty time consuming to try and contact them all. Let our searchable database find the part first, so that you can call one salvage yard instead of all of them, and know they will have your part

The Internet has made everything searchable and salvage yards, being all about making the most out of what is available, have been quick to jump on the search bandwagon. The database lists every make and model, going back as far as 1950. It can search parts that you probably did not even know your car had, but you can be certain that whatever it is you are looking for will be listed and, if the part is available in Florida, it will find it for you. The parts in the database are already pulled from the car and tested to be sure they are in good, working condition.

Unsure about the quality of used auto parts? Don’t be. When repairing a vehicle, you typically have three choices of where to obtain parts: the dealership, a parts store, or the salvage yard. Of course, the best option, if you can afford it and they still make the part, is usually the dealership. The problem is, even if the manufacturer still makes that particular part, the prices are often outrageous. Many times, when you get a part from a salvage yard, it is the same as that part from the dealership, which is something many people do not consider. Auto parts stores stock is third party parts manufacturers, which means they are assembled and designed by people that did not have a hand in designing and building your car. Although the parts are generally up to minimum quality standards, they may or may not be up to the standards of your car’s manufacturer. Also, since some cars have parts that are similar in design to the parts on other cars, many auto parts stores cross reference part numbers between brands going by sizes and fitting. Referencing the part is is great on paper, but not so much when it comes to installing the parts. As any experienced mechanic will tell you, sometimes third party parts just don’t fit. When you’re talking about a complicated repair that involves removal and re-assembly of multiple parts, you may not know the part doesn’t exactly fit until halfway through the re-assembly process, forcing you to remove everything you have put back together and drastically increasing your repair time. Of course, the parts store will probably refund your money, as long as the part still looks brand new, but they can’t refund the hours of time wasted. Salvage yard parts came out of a car that was the same make and model as yours; therefore, it fits, period.