California Packages with Satellite Television

I am moving to California. That is something that i am really happy about, because in spite of the elevated cost of living in this state, when compared to the rest of the country, it is a place that I have wanted to live for basically my entire life. I found a reasonable apartment, and I am now checking out to see what I can find in terms of different packages that are available from Direct TV. I want to get a package that includes a great DVR system that will be able to hold hours and hours of movies and television shows.

At my last apartment, I was always filling up the storage on my DVR, and then I would have to go through and delete things. A lot of the time, I had to delete things that I did not really want to delete. It was unfortunate, and it led to a lot of hard decisions between different things that I wanted to keep on my DVR. I am really hoping that will not be an issue going forward. But I guess I will find out.

Back to the fact that I have always wanted to live in California. When I was just a young child, I was really fascinated with Hollywood. I wanted to become a famous actor, and really hoped that would be my destiny. When I got into high school, and took a drama class, I found that I have no talent for acting, and that was pretty upsetting. Luckily, I have a lot of other skills, and I have managed to find a good career for myself. That is what led to me finding a good job opportunity in the state of California. I immediately took up the job offer, and now I am moving across the country.